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Jul 13 2015

Well played Dr. Puig, Well played

By Steven Ray Hernandez   editor [email protected] Once upon a time… in fact, it was about 3 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon, and in case you’re wondering why I am starting this story off like a fairy tale, it’s because just like a fairy tale, this story’s ending was “too good to be true.” So …

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May 06 2015

SBCISD Lays Off 37 Employees

By PETE BANDA Staff Writer [email protected] After a week of walking on eggshells since last week’s announcement that some employees would be facing unemployment, a list of 37 names was finally reveled at a special school board meeting on Monday. Superintendent Dr. Marc A. Puig read off his list of identified names to the school board …

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May 01 2015

DISMISSED- SBCISD to announce names of employees who will not receive contract renewals

By PETE BANDA Staff Writer [email protected] With fear and anxiety already at an all-time high after a last week’s school board meeting in which the exact positions facing reduction were named, Monday seems to be an inevitable nightmare. The school board will be holding a special meeting on Monday, where Superintendent Dr. Marc A. Puig is …

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Apr 17 2015

Superintendent’s 3-year plan revealed

By PETE BANDA Staff Writer [email protected] In yet another attempt to avoid a drastic reduction in staff, Superintendent Dr. Marc A. Puig revealed his 3-year plan to the San Benito CISD Board on Thursday, aiming at attrition budgeting, selecting a new consultant for the healthcare budget, adopting staff models for all positions, and the reorganization of …

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Apr 15 2015

Dr. Puig: There won’t be any reductions at this meeting

By PETE BANDA Staff Writer [email protected] For all the confusion and turmoil the San Benito CISD has been facing over the past few weeks regarding which employees could be getting terminated at a special board meeting this Thursday, Superintendent Dr. Marc A. Puig made it quite simple. “There won’t be any areas of reduction identified at …

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Apr 03 2015

No one is safe: All school departments subject to staff reductions according to policy

By PETE BANDA Staff Writer [email protected] Simply put, someone or something is going to have to go.  At a special meeting on Monday, the San Benito CISD School Board approved a reduction of staff proposal from Superintendent Dr. Marc A. Puig, effectively putting any program, school, or organization at the risk of downsizing their departments, …

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Jan 09 2015

The Download: The District, The City and the NEWS

By JACOB LOPEZ  Editor [email protected] We’re always learning. That’s something that stuck with me this week after I spoke with new superintendent of schools Dr. Puig. Every day, I’m learning something new about San Benito, or the many challenges of running a newspaper that prints twice a week. It can be difficult. It can definitely be …

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Dec 16 2014

Dr. Puig signs 3-year contract with SBCISD

By DINA AREVALO Special to the NEWS It’s official; the dotted line has been signed. On Tuesday, San Benito CISD released the employment contract signed by Dr. Marc Puig which officially names him as the district’s new superintendent. Puig will begin his duties on January 5, 2015. The contract is for three years and 177 days, …

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Dec 12 2014

UNDER NEW LEADERSHIP: Dr. Puig to Begin superintendency on Jan. 5

  By DINA AREVALO Special to the NEWS Dr. Marc A. Puig, lone finalist for superintendent of SBCISD, will officially begin on Jan. 5. The San Benito CISD School District Board of Trustees met to consider a contract agreement for lone superintendent finalist at the John F. Barron Administration Building Tuesday. Dr Puig and his wife …

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